Triangle – The Complete Series

– Mein englischer Originalroman zu „Böse Jungs“ –

What if the wrong guy turns out to be just right for you?

When James falls in love with Casey, he knows he is in for trouble. Not only is Casey his best friend, he is also straight – or so James thinks, until notorious heartbreaker Danny Rizzo completely shakes things up. With troubled Nick adding his very own demons to the mix, nothing is set, and no-one is safe from surprises. Soon James finds himself faced with the question: Who does he really want to be with? For only one of them will stand by him as he struggles to face a chilling secret buried in his past…

Four guys in college, four points of view. Who will get their happy ending?

Book 1: Triangle
Book 2: Redefinitions
Book 3: Recast
Book 4: Redemption


ISBN: 9781476293110
Verlag: Noxalibri
Genres: Gay Romance, New Adult
Länge: Roman
Seitenzahl: 368
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 01.05.2012

Ich kann „Triangle“ uneingeschränkt allen empfehlen, die sich von einer zwar komplizierten, aber überaus warmherzig erzählten Liebesgeschichte mitreißen lassen wollen. „Triangle“ hat sich definitiv einen festen Platz im Kreis meiner Lieblingsbücher gesichert!
– Leserstimme, Amazon

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